top of page Chill Out This Summer – Aurora Haze’s Top Ways to Cool Down with Cannabis

Hey there, my fabulous friends! It’s your girl Aurora Haze, back with another dank dispatch to keep your summer vibes high and your body cool. As the temperature rises, so does the need to chill out and beat the heat. Fear not, my fellow stoners, because I’ve got the ultimate guide to cooling down this summer using our favorite plant. Let’s dive in!

1. Cannabis-Infused Ice Pops – The Coolest Treat in Town

First up, let’s talk about cannabis-infused ice pops. These frosty delights are not only super refreshing but also a sneaky way to get your daily dose of THC or CBD. Making them is a breeze! All you need is your favorite juice, some cannabis tincture or oil, and an ice pop mold. Mix, pour, freeze, and voila – you’ve got yourself a batch of icy treats that’ll keep you cool and blissed out. Perfect for poolside lounging or a backyard chill session.

2. THC-Infused Lemonade – Sip Your Way to Serenity

Nothing says summer quite like a tall glass of lemonade. But why stop at just refreshing when you can make it euphoric? Enter THC-infused lemonade. This tangy beverage is easy to make and even easier to enjoy. Simply blend fresh lemons, water, sugar, and a few drops of cannabis tincture. Add ice, stir, and you’ve got a drink that’ll make the hottest days feel like a breezy paradise. Pro tip: garnish with a sprig of mint for that extra cool factor.

3. Chill Cannabis Edibles – Sweet Relief from the Heat

For those with a sweet tooth, cannabis-infused frozen treats like ice cream or sorbet are a game-changer. You can find ready-made options at your local dispensary or whip up a batch at home. Think creamy cannabis ice cream or tangy THC-infused sorbet. These cool confections are perfect for a summer night in or a daytime picnic in the park. Just remember to pace yourself – the effects can sneak up on you!

4. CBD-Infused Aloe Vera Gel – Soothe and Cool Your Skin

Spent a bit too much time soaking up the sun? No worries, I’ve got just the remedy. CBD-infused aloe vera gel is your skin’s new best friend. Not only does it cool and soothe sunburns, but the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help reduce redness and irritation. Keep a bottle in your fridge for an extra icy kick when you apply it. Trust me, your sun-kissed skin will thank you.

5. Refreshing Cannabis-Infused Salads – Light, Cool, and Green

Let’s not forget about keeping things light and healthy. A cannabis-infused salad is a refreshing way to enjoy your greens while staying cool. Toss together your favorite summer veggies – cucumbers, tomatoes, leafy greens – and drizzle with a cannabis-infused vinaigrette. This light, crisp meal is perfect for those hot summer days when the last thing you want is a heavy meal weighing you down.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it, my coolest cannabis companions! Five fantastic ways to beat the heat and stay lifted this summer. Whether you’re sipping on a THC lemonade, munching on a chilled edible, or soothing your skin with CBD aloe vera, there’s no shortage of ways to keep cool and enjoy the season.

Stay frosty, stay adventurous, and as always, stay dank! This is Aurora Haze, signing off. Catch you in the next blog, where the vibes are always high and the advice is always chill.

Peace, love, and good vibes,

Aurora Haze


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